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underappreciated things before very recently   
12:22am 11/03/2009
  aveeno anything

mushroom raviolli

family pictures

short stories

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11:09pm 21/12/2008
  I think an xbox 360 makes an appropriate christmas gift for a boy?

I hope so.

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08:29am 14/11/2008
  Something about the holidays inspires me to become a housewife  

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01:13am 13/07/2008
  I live in a constant state of disarray. I wish I would be motivated and finish unpacking and get my act together here. I have such cute things and great ideas but not the willpower to actually sew the curtains and hang the mirror, take back the lampshade or hook up the dvd player in a nice, cords neatly tucked behind the tv, sort of way.

My landlord, Allan, is of the old well-meaning grandfather sort. He promises to take away the extra two refrigerators, clean out the room full random crap in the basement, fix the attic access hole (currently some cardboard), and get us some new windows. I'd really like to think he will get it all done this summer, but i have a sinking feeling that i am kidding myself.

We have a surplus of furniture. Two incredibly comfortable chairs sit before me. Both were clearly manufactured in the 70s, as I cannot figure out how to make them appear as if they are wanted, loved, pieces of furniture. Or at least get some yellow that color somewhere else in this room.

Oh the decorating woes of a renter, most especially one of a house dating back about a century.

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05:48pm 03/05/2008
  Whoever still reads this-

bonfire sometime when I get back. probably mid may. any dates particularly good or bad? it might be the only one for me and I'd really love to see you all. let me know...

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09:40am 26/03/2008
  This Summer:

Chicago to see Wicked
Home for three weeks
Visiting Dan's family with him
boating/fourwheeling with the father
making some money
art class?
setting up house
painting some of said house
beach parties/bonfires

Katie reminded me of everything i'm looking forward to

I can't wait

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03:27pm 12/03/2008
  10 things not to do when ordering your beverage of choice at a coffee shop:

1. Walk up the counter like your about to order and then spend ten minutes debating what you want with your friend. the poor person behind the counter just sits and very very awkwardly waits... don't walk up to the counter until you know what you want.
2. change your order halfway through and say 'is it too late to switch?'. Unless by magic i will unsteam the milk i just steamed, make the pump take back the chocolate that is now going to be wasted along with your paper cup... it is just annoying.
3. or say 'i did say skim/soy/decaf, right?' when i'm putting your drink in front of you. Depending on how friendly you are, i might just lie. 'Yes you did, one skim decaf latte'.
4. If you have a list of drinks to take back to your friends/the office/the bar down the street just give me the list. life is a lot better that way. you won't have to pronounce machiato and i won't have to ask if that one was skim or soy... no the second one. the mocha... you meant the late? oh! the small hazelnut late! what? a medium almond one? argh.... just hand over the list.
5. don't start your order with 'just'. oh, i'll just have a large mocha frappucino. that is not just a 'just'. that is probably something well over three or four hundred calories, and isn't just a little cup of coffee. self serve coffee is the only reason to say 'i'll just have'.
6. if your a regular, don't just assume i know your name. i would love to meet you. please introduce yourself. i can remember your drink much better if i have some sort of reference.
7. don't put the two cents back into your pocket, wallet, purse, whatever. tip me. please. or give it to the kittens at the humane society jar. it just comes off as really cheap when you keep two pennies.
8. if you perhaps order in a pizza, that is great. a) don't leave the box open on one of the upstairs tables or anywhere else for that matter b) don't just set it next to the trash can, you bought it now please fold it up so it fits. i don't want your subway bags/ arby's wrappers/ mcdonald's fries box thingys all over the floor. goodness, be responsible.
9. when leaving your cup after you had tea, throw the teabag away. it really isn't that hard.
10. this tops it all- when about to puke, please go into the restroom or leave the place. don't sit there miserably and then puke all over the carpeting, then not offer to help clean it up or even say sorry. stupid highschoolers.
(i swear they're worse up here)

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01:12pm 02/03/2008
  The soundtrack to Because I Said So is amazing. I don't know how i missed it the first time around.
'The world spins madly on' by the weepies

one of the videos on youtube is fantastic, too. Something about a lonely monster.

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01:44pm 01/02/2008
  Denise rediscovered a cd i bought for 99 cents at rockabilly's months and months ago. It sounds like a soundtrack to a space movie of somesort... i like it. The reason I bought it was for notes someone wrote on the back on stickers, in july of 93. It seems like a small time capsule of sorts. I wonder who wrote the notes... what they're doing now, what they're listening to.

Along the line of space movies, I started watching Startrek last night with Dan. I don't even dislike it... weird. Apparently we still have hundreds of hours to go, but thats fine with me.

My tin whistle came in the mail yesterday. I have no idea how this is going to work. I do know that they can sound pretty neat (go check it out on youtube if you're bored).

One little trip up seems so overwhelming when a very carefully planned life is going so well. I mean, classes, friendships, band, work, dan... my only problem these days has been being too busy. One little exam and I'm a mess. Momentarily. I think I'm better now. Girls night tonight- it has been forever, it seems, since the last one of those.

Idk... youtube that tin whistle music and hopefully it makes you smile, too.

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02:40pm 07/01/2008
  Winter is tri-toned around here.

I should've been an interior designer

Also rather random-
I bought shampoo from philosophy, you know the place in macy's with the stuff that smells like chocolate chips, strawberry daquiris or vanilla cake. I picked out carrot cake. I feel like i could eat my hair... perhaps this is not good. There is a receipe on the front of the bottle. I wonder if it is worth trying out.

I (somewhat) successfully made buttermilk pancakes today. Without a mixing bowl, measure cup, measureing spoon or a proper pan. My great grandmother used to make them for my dad... idk. there is something quaint about your great grandmother's pancake receipe.

Everytime i visit my dad i can just completely relax. Probably due to daily two hour baths and absolutely nothing to do but read my book.

I'm not nearly so sweet as you think. I feel like a bitch lately.

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02:09pm 20/12/2007
  It is currently 2:10

to do before 4

laundry, pack, type outline, study for institutions exam, call sister, clean, eat, shower, walk to denise's

4:00 looking at possible house for next year, walk back to campus, dinner with dan

5:30 institutions exam

6:00ish, head downstate

12:00am arrive in Waters to sleep for a bit and pick up the truck

i'm just waiting for my food to be done... the only reason i have time to do this.

how'd i get myself into this mess?

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06:49pm 17/12/2007
  I hate finals. Absolutely despise them.

argh I fail at life.

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10:36pm 12/12/2007
  do some songs just make you smile?

the soundtrack of my life today:

waking up:
this will be our year- ok go

music theory:
hey now now- cloud room

physics/ house looking with katie:
disconnect the dots- of montreal

walk in the snow to the bank:
blue angels air show- bright eyes

hanging out with dan:
can i go nowhere with you- joel plaskett emergency
(this is one of my favorite songs of all time. Thank you thank you thank you tibby/beth)

fanfare and recessional (the flip side to pomp and circumstance)
and some vesuvius

hanging out with rachel/hall meeting:
hey there delilah (did you know that a real delilah exists that this song was about? crazy...)

so you know... go youtube them and have a great music day, too :)

and a great day in general.

goodness life is good.

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12:34pm 03/12/2007
  I need to get my hair cut...

plans for christmas break:

21: drive home, grandfather's 80th birthday party
24: christmas eve with the family
25: morning with mom, drive to dad's
26: in Waters, MI
27: drive back to N.B., dan comes over
28: lunch with katie, scott and dan, GLI hockey night
29: GLI again
30: dan leaves?
31: new years eve at liz's

1-5: N.B., no plans yet
6-8: Waters
9-13: Houghton, working a few days
14: class starts again

in there are also scrapbooking parties with katie mavis and allison, a secret santa party with katie, liz and marie, a hair cut appointment and quite a bit of shopping.

let me know if you want to make plans- let's go get coffee or something (i can even drink it now!)

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12:33am 27/11/2007

and so excited for the snow. it even smells like it outside...
there is not much that makes me as smile so well as snow.

why do humans think so much? we're a lot ridiculous.

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04:02pm 25/11/2007
  having someone that inspires you to make yourself better then you are

is amazing.

it is bad that i'm happy?

so happy.

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02:25am 14/11/2007
  Not much could make me any happier.  

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09:41pm 12/11/2007
  These past few days have been my favorite in ... idk.. years. Okay, maybe not, but definately up there.
Kelsea, a girl that i tutored for three years or so on flute, is top chair in the top band in 8th grade, i get to see my mom, we sighread pieces i love today in band, one exam for the week down, one to go, and other things.

I can't wait to go to MSU and see Katie, Liz and Marie this weekend. And lunch in Ann Arbor with my friends from mtu, as well as three concerts with Rachel (including cute is what we aim for, the plain white t's, motion city soundtrack, and mae).

I have amazing friends. Maybe just being here for a year makes you better at the whole friend thing, smarter socially, or something.

I hope you're this happy, too :)

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02:06am 09/11/2007
  the difference between this year and last at this time of the year astounds me.

i like myself a lot more, i think.
I'm a lot happier, if a lot more stressed.

I have some really amazing friends, sometimes ones I didn't know I had surprise me.

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07:13pm 05/11/2007
  So I'm trying not to freak about school, but other then that, so many things are going well.

I went out to breakers today with Jeremiah and Ashley, after hanging out at Jeremiah's all afternoon and visiting with Bronco, quite possibly the best cat that ever lived. There were waves at least ten feet high crashing up on the breakwaters and the seawalls- it was beautiful. We're supposed to get ten inches of snow tonight.

I love all of my friends downstate, but I'll give up quality shopping, starbucks and Panera any day to be able to do the things i'm able to do up here.

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